Weather Beacon

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measure your fields remotely

The Weather Beacon is a complete weather station that provides growers & agronomists with real-time in-field weather data.

Agricultural Sensors

An off-the-shelf suite of agricultural sensors provide field-level measurement of precipitation, light, and much more.

Data Plan & User Application

Getting data out of the field is as easy as turning it on. Our software services make it easy.

Harvest, Pest & Disease

Use any of our preset Growing Degree Day (GDD) models or customize your own.

Open Data API

Seamlessly share data with any third-party to maximize the value of your data.

Add-on probes

Select any of our add-on probes from soil moisture, canopy, or leaf wetness sensors.

Self Sustaining

The built-in solar cell keeps your Weather Beacon working year round with little to no maintenance.

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How It’s Used

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What's Inside

All-in-one station for growers

  • Cellular – Connects directly to cell  networks
  • Rain bucket – Mechanical Tipper Measures Rainfall
  • Light sensors – Pyranometer (300-1100nm) and UVA/B (220-370nm)
  • Solar Panel – Keeps Lead Acid Battery Charged
  • Wind Sensor – Anemometer and Direction
  • Temp & Humidity – Barometric Pressure
  • Add on Port – For soil, leaf wetness, transducers, or canopy sensors

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